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At StreetStepper Webshop, you can buy the StreetStepper step bike, a revolutionary balance bike that is used to move forward by stepping! This stepper has plenty of medical advantages, as explained below. To know the StreetStepper price, check the page with Models. Take advantage of StreetStepper Webshop’s free delivery in the Benelux to buy your step bike at the sharpest price!

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Advantages of the StreetStepper

  • Less stress on the joints
  • Optimal back posture
  • Step bike with less load on seat and prostate
  • Work-out of upper and lower body
  • Enjoyable, varied and swinging outdoor fitness
  • Also for stepping over long distances and for steep climbs

The mountainstepper MTS 26

StreetStepper MTS 26 has the performance of an MTB but is safer

Performance (speed, climbing, descending) of step bike comparable with an MTB. Safer position!

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Revolutionary in Outdoor Fitness! Save your back and bones…”

Medical Aspects: Users

StreetStepper step bike is recommended strongly by its users

Andreas Kofler, winner of the Four Hills Ski Tournament in Austria: 

“I had to fight against enormous back injuries during the 2011/2012 season. Hiking and biking was no longer possible, and my coach advised me to test the StreetStepper. This step bike is a smart device for training and recovery, and for my back streetstepping appeared to be ‘the’ therapy!”

Medical Aspects: Doctors

Doctors acknowledge medical advantages of StreetStepper step bike

Dr. Gerhart, specialist in Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine in Innsbruck: 

“I consider the Streetstepper to be an absolute sensation for orthopaedic and sport medicine reasons, because it offers the following advantages:

  • Ideal for hip, knee and ankle joints
  • Gentle joint-muscle coordination training
  • Cardiovascular training without any damaging high impact stress”

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